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taman tasek perdana.

12.8.09 | |

We are poor photographers without any real professional equipment. Haha. yeah. We are the real handicap. We have left serious photography for a long time. More than a year. But after Qis's ceremony, it just brought all those excitement, contentedness, sweaty-palm feeling back. Oh how we missed it!!

So we decided to upgrade our non-existence photography arsenal with a new lens. Our piggy-bank said we can only afford a 50mm 1.8. *yippie*
We decided to take it for a test-drive at Taman Tasik Perdana. Yeah.. I know. It sounded cheesy, but that's the only place that we can think of at that moment. LOL.

Since there are just the 2 of us, nothing much we can do with the lens. hahaha.. and then.. we meet the Duck family. They were having a sun bathing party on the river bank and they simply took their feathers off and left it on the grass. Shame on you Mr. Duck! We take some photo as an evidence for all of u too see. -NA


dehaq said...

Intel, penang. yeap a familiar face.

dehaq said...

btw COOL la those ducks. cerious!

nick andika said...

hello dehaq. thanks for viewing :).

adakah anda pon Intel Penang? UTPian right? urghh tak ingat.. nnt kl jumpe kat PG12 sile2 la bertegur sape ye.. ;)

dehaq said...

yup! tp intern kat Altera, slalu tunggu kawan dkt depan PG12. okay next time akan tego.

nick andika said...

walauwei!! intern kat ALTERA!! hebat gileee... oh ade kawan eh kat PG12.. PDC kah? nnt kl jumpe kawan leh la tego2 skarang dh knl ni..

zharifzakaria said...

altera ade keje kosong tak? :P

dehaq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dehaq said...

akan try usya² kalo die open utk new hire. kalo ade akan bgtaw. haha. :D

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