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Qiya Aiman

24.8.09 | |

Ngoh my brother and kak Azah my sis-in-law has been asking us to take their family photos ever since we took kak Ya's wedding. But being a true procrastinator like us, we just keep on procrastinating until Qis's ceremony. which is our turning point. After Qis's, we decided to really do this. i mean seriously. all out! our own distinct pictures with our own distinct post processing with our own distinct custom album. yup. nick-andika's up for the challenge. *applause*

So we agreed to shoot Ngoh's family last Sunday. After 2 weeks of research on family photo shoot. hahaha. well Max Wanger will always be our major influence, followed by Pinkletoe. they are both jaw-drop-ju-on-style-good. seriously. Our inspiration.

the kids was upset at first. They are not used to camera being shove right in their faces. and we couldn't bribe them with candies because they are not allowed to take candies. we were running out of ideas. they keep on giving us the "go away!" look. but their "go away" look is just too adorable!! we were laughing non-stop!

Then we did some candid shots. she's still very shy. but hey its getting better! And their parents help a LOT.

Our last hope is to show whatever that we have captured to them using the laptop. they were laughing non-stop looking at their own picture. Viola! after that, its all smile, laugh, scream, and all the things that kids do best. :) yeahhhhaw!! we did it!!

Custom album coming soon. we'll post them right away, once we get it. yup. oven-fresh album. wohooo..


Anonymous said...

Okayyyyyy Sue May is officially the first! I found the comment box! Kudossss. Cool photos, especially the 3rd and 4th. CUTEST! :)

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