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10.8.09 | |

Zharif told me that Qis wanted him to be her photographer for her Merisik ceremony, my first reaction was "since when do u become a so called event photographer anyway?" he's a bit reluctant at first, because we have never been commisioned by a real client before. but we were like what the heck, for oldtime sake, let's try this out.random fact #486, Qis was my senior back in high school and zharif's coursemate in UTP, so yeah we go way back when.

its good to be among kelantanese again, the vibe, the language, it felt almost home. It was an absolute fun laughing at Zharif's kelantan accent. LOL. Qis looks awesome in her grey baju kurung. she was practically shivering the whole time. Cold feet i guess. This is her, taking a deep breath. I love how calm she looks. *excited*

She even has her own flower bouquet. hahaha.. well not quite. the hantaran with the cutest heart shape clip. And of course the girls! Didie and her cousin. they were both awesome!

The ring.. the one ring to rule them all. ok cut the crap. The ring says "mr Squirrel & Miss Bee" sounds familiar huh? na ah.. its not the Tupai that u know of. Its the other Mr Squirrel. *sweet!!*

So this is the future mr and mrs din. He's from Teluk Intan btw. What a small world. I always smile when i see this picture. Qis being Qis. Cheeky!

We wish you best of Luck.. and hey. do call us when u already set the date. haha.


zharifzakaria said...

woah coolness! :D

Anonymous said...

Pai n Nan.
Thanks for making this happen.
Me n Din heart you both!

zh said...

ahaa..gambar aku biasa saja k..;p thanx weh jenguk blog..huu..

rasa cam kenal nick andika..kwn kat flickr..masa zaman aku mula2 pegang kamera dlu..hehe

mrcoolerz said...

kewl giler lar nand.. tu lar.. mule2 aku tgk qis post pasal gmbr tunang dia.. aku mcm dah wondering.. mcm biasa ku tgk cara editing gmbr nih.. hehe... rupenye mmg betul.. korg.. hahaha.. dah jd mcm trademark korg la beb.. gmbr style gini.. keep it up guys.. i'm lovin it

nick andika said...

zh: hehe. jinggabiru kah? hahahaahaha... aku br jenguk flickr ko.. setelah sekian lame aku meninggalkan kamera aku.. tekejut oh tgk betapa gemilang nye ko skarang. hebat gileeee.. way to go lah cik!!

epul: hahahaha. mane bleh ko wonder.. sbb aku letak dekat blog personal aku dulu gmbr tuh.. hahahaha.. br aku bg kat qis.. hahahaha.. thnxxx btw epul. :D

sYdRaz said...

hehe.. betul juga.. tp tu lar.. aku ader FB qis je time tuh.. still wondering jugak sape amik.. hee..

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