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aliya + nuruddin

4.1.09 | |

Did I tell you that my sister's married to a Pakistani? Yeahh!! finally. After spending our whole life day-dreaming of having an inter-continental marriage.. we finally made it!! Trust me, if you were a Kelantanese girl, you dont want to marry a Kelantanese guy, they are way too erm, weird.

There's a lot of huha about it in the first place, but I was their number 1 supporter!! LOL. My mom had a fist about it in the beginning, but after a while, she gave in. She had too! My sister's deeply head over heels flying over the rainbow in love with Nur. So.. for being her number 1 supporter, she hired us as their one and only official photographer. We were super duper excited. Dude! its our first ever official photoshoot!! Wohoooo..

So here are some of the photos that we took. We'll update it in the future, I have somehow misplace my external hard disk somewhere, yeah i have the einstein brain, absent-minded, ahuh, without the genius part. my mom said, if my hands and feet were not connected to my torso, i'll definitely be looking for them all the time. -NA


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