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we are now

28.8.09 | 0 comments |

Hello great people, we've just moved in to a new eco-friendly, picture-heavy, website! please visit us at thankss!! :D -NA

Qiya Aiman

24.8.09 | 1 comments |

Ngoh my brother and kak Azah my sis-in-law has been asking us to take their family photos ever since we took kak Ya's wedding. But being a true procrastinator like us, we just keep on procrastinating until Qis's ceremony. which is our turning point. After Qis's, we decided to really do this. i mean seriously. all out! our own distinct pictures with our own distinct post processing with our own distinct custom album. yup. nick-andika's up for the challenge. *applause*

So we agreed to shoot Ngoh's family last Sunday. After 2 weeks of research on family photo shoot. hahaha. well Max Wanger will always be our major influence, followed by Pinkletoe. they are both jaw-drop-ju-on-style-good. seriously. Our inspiration.

the kids was upset at first. They are not used to camera being shove right in their faces. and we couldn't bribe them with candies because they are not allowed to take candies. we were running out of ideas. they keep on giving us the "go away!" look. but their "go away" look is just too adorable!! we were laughing non-stop!

Then we did some candid shots. she's still very shy. but hey its getting better! And their parents help a LOT.

Our last hope is to show whatever that we have captured to them using the laptop. they were laughing non-stop looking at their own picture. Viola! after that, its all smile, laugh, scream, and all the things that kids do best. :) yeahhhhaw!! we did it!!

Custom album coming soon. we'll post them right away, once we get it. yup. oven-fresh album. wohooo..

taman tasek perdana.

12.8.09 | 8 comments |

We are poor photographers without any real professional equipment. Haha. yeah. We are the real handicap. We have left serious photography for a long time. More than a year. But after Qis's ceremony, it just brought all those excitement, contentedness, sweaty-palm feeling back. Oh how we missed it!!

So we decided to upgrade our non-existence photography arsenal with a new lens. Our piggy-bank said we can only afford a 50mm 1.8. *yippie*
We decided to take it for a test-drive at Taman Tasik Perdana. Yeah.. I know. It sounded cheesy, but that's the only place that we can think of at that moment. LOL.

Since there are just the 2 of us, nothing much we can do with the lens. hahaha.. and then.. we meet the Duck family. They were having a sun bathing party on the river bank and they simply took their feathers off and left it on the grass. Shame on you Mr. Duck! We take some photo as an evidence for all of u too see. -NA


10.8.09 | 6 comments |

Zharif told me that Qis wanted him to be her photographer for her Merisik ceremony, my first reaction was "since when do u become a so called event photographer anyway?" he's a bit reluctant at first, because we have never been commisioned by a real client before. but we were like what the heck, for oldtime sake, let's try this out.random fact #486, Qis was my senior back in high school and zharif's coursemate in UTP, so yeah we go way back when.

its good to be among kelantanese again, the vibe, the language, it felt almost home. It was an absolute fun laughing at Zharif's kelantan accent. LOL. Qis looks awesome in her grey baju kurung. she was practically shivering the whole time. Cold feet i guess. This is her, taking a deep breath. I love how calm she looks. *excited*

She even has her own flower bouquet. hahaha.. well not quite. the hantaran with the cutest heart shape clip. And of course the girls! Didie and her cousin. they were both awesome!

The ring.. the one ring to rule them all. ok cut the crap. The ring says "mr Squirrel & Miss Bee" sounds familiar huh? na ah.. its not the Tupai that u know of. Its the other Mr Squirrel. *sweet!!*

So this is the future mr and mrs din. He's from Teluk Intan btw. What a small world. I always smile when i see this picture. Qis being Qis. Cheeky!

We wish you best of Luck.. and hey. do call us when u already set the date. haha.

aliya + nuruddin

4.1.09 | 0 comments |

Did I tell you that my sister's married to a Pakistani? Yeahh!! finally. After spending our whole life day-dreaming of having an inter-continental marriage.. we finally made it!! Trust me, if you were a Kelantanese girl, you dont want to marry a Kelantanese guy, they are way too erm, weird.

There's a lot of huha about it in the first place, but I was their number 1 supporter!! LOL. My mom had a fist about it in the beginning, but after a while, she gave in. She had too! My sister's deeply head over heels flying over the rainbow in love with Nur. So.. for being her number 1 supporter, she hired us as their one and only official photographer. We were super duper excited. Dude! its our first ever official photoshoot!! Wohoooo..

So here are some of the photos that we took. We'll update it in the future, I have somehow misplace my external hard disk somewhere, yeah i have the einstein brain, absent-minded, ahuh, without the genius part. my mom said, if my hands and feet were not connected to my torso, i'll definitely be looking for them all the time. -NA